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Free medical to implement occupational health

   To reflect employee’s benefits, and implement occupational health, from 4 Oct. to 8 Oct., our company invited 73051 departmentof People's Liberation Army hospital to bring all kinds of medical equipment and conduct free medical examinations for all employees.


   Examination content:  general examination, such as nutrition, growth, blood pressure; internal medicine, chest, lung auscultation, heart murmur, liver, and spleen; surgery, skin, lymph nodes, thyroid, spine, limbs, joints; liver function; urine; Color B-; electrocardiogram; blood sugar. There are optional items such as electrolytes, three items of renal function, two items of rheumatism, urinary tract, gynecological and other seventeen content.


   The majority of our staff warmly welcome this medical and well-attended. Free medical as a benefit for our employee, our company will continue to carefully organize annually and  implementeffectively.

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